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Our Vision

Charter schools were founded on the belief that access to an excellent education is a basic right for all children. Yet even in New York—home to some of the most successful charter schools in the nation—too few students have access to a school that can change the trajectory of their lives. 

To give all students the excellent school options they deserve, New York needs more talented leaders with the experience and know-how to help teachers and students thrive. New York Charters PLUS (Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools) is a one-year leadership development program. We help current and aspiring school leaders take their leadership skills to the next level so they can launch or lead at a New York charter school that puts all students on a path to lifelong success. 

Working side-by-side with experienced principals, coaches and charter network administrators, PLUS leaders will learn how to help students and teachers stretch to their full potential. After a year of intensive training, support from a leadership coach and actual experience leading in a local school, leaders must demonstrate an ability to make a real difference for students to successfully graduate from the program. 

"I not only feel more confident becoming a principal one day, but I feel invigorated and re-inspired to do the best work I can for our students this year."

Matt Ellis, NY Charters PLUS leader
Youth Development and School Culture Department Head, Brooklyn Prospect